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Customer Experience Management is hot. Every self respecting company is talking about it and claims to put the customer first. But what is all the fuzz about? Why is CX the trend? And what can we, the “real”people, do with it? CX for Real People, the Business Hustlers CX courses not only teach you everything there is to know about CX but also how to use the tools in real life.

The tools used in Customer Experience Management enable companies to design and deliver a better customer experience and a better customer experience is needed for customers to be loyal. As loyal customers tend to spends more money, return more often and to refer “their” companies to peers, we could all use them. Loyal customers help us to do our sales, marketing and give us honest feedback on our product or service.

Exercises like mapping the customer journey and defining pain and pleasure points enables any entrepreneur to make the right choices and to efficiently use budget and other resources.

The one day course CX for Real People teaches you all the basics of Customer Experience Mapping.

You will learn how to map what your brand or company stands for, promises and delivers. #brand

You will learn how to identify and recognize your ideal customer and how to visualize his or her needs & wants, pains & gains. You will learn how to map a DMU and how to create a buyer persona. #customer

You will learn how to map a customer’s journey and how to match your business goals to your customer’s needs. You will learn how to identify relevant touchpoints and how to optimize the customer’s journey.

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Training: CX for Real People
This one day course if for anyone with an interest in putting the customer first, learning more about CX and how to put it to practice.
1 day from 09:30 - 17:30
€395,- all in (excl. VAT)

Dates, Themes and Location:

The open training CX for Real People takes place every third Tuesday of the month*.
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Mentorship for Entrepreneurs

InCompany CX training

A company would not intentionally inflict pain on a customer? While immersing myself in all aspects related to Product Discovery and Development I attended a Customer Journey workshop by Babs van Gisbergen of Business Hustlers. Organised as part of the Appril Festival a small group of Marketing Experts, Product Managers / Owners and a Developer worked on a Business Model Canvas, created the Persona Sarah and shared their experience of Appril Festival till that moment.

The most interesting learning for me was that since there is no such thing as excellent service it is best to have "affordable pain". Since most people don't like paying for something that moment is already a "less good" moment for people, so if something goes wrong there it is not as bad as other moments. The moments that matter in your Customer Journey is when your brand values align with what is most important to the customer.

Those are the moments of truth and need to be great moments. If you’re an SME and could use help map your customer service, contact Babs. Thanks for the picture Miss Appril.

Astrid ClaessenInterim Product Owner NPO