Scale up your business

in a customer-centric

and sustainable way

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Scaling up your business in a customer centric and sustainable way

Working with Business Hustlers enables you and your team to scale up in a customer-centric and sustainable way. By matching business values and goals to your customer’s needs and wants, the Business Hustlers Methodology helps you create a loyal fan base of customers.

The Business Hustlers Methodology is a 3 step program that lies at the heart of all our services. Taking these steps helps small and medium business owners match business goals to customer’s needs. This results in a concrete plan that creates internal focus and structure, improves the customer experience and allows for efficient scale up.

There are three different ways to work with Business Hustlers , 1 on 1 for Business Owners, Incompany for Teams and CX courses for Professionals.

1 on 1 Mentorship

1 on 1 guidance for small and medium business owners looking for more structure in their commercial activities or strategy.

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InCompany CX Training

InCompany trainings for teams looking to regulate their growing pains by putting the customer at the centre.

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Open CX Courses

Open Customer Experience Management courses for professionals looking to learn more about CX and Service Design.

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I was looking for the right way to find and maintain customers for Dierenvriendjes. Working with Business Hustlers helped me to get more insight about my customers and how to approach and keep them. I gained more focus and have scaled up faster. Currently the Dierenvriendjes have their own educational program and we have 15 trainers in the field.

Kim OostendorpFounder Mindtrainers & Dierenvriendjes

Business Hustlers Methodology

The Business Hustlers Methodology lies at the heart of all our services. It is a comprehensive 3 step program enabling you to scale up, create focus and manage change by matching your business goals to your customer’s needs.

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Business Scan

As a first step we scan your business, your goals, values, challenges, message, processes and products and map them in a clear overview. We set goals for your company as well as for our cooperation.

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Customer Validation

In the second step we will step into your customer’s world. Making insights into who they are, what they need and what they want. We will map their current and ideal experience with your company in a customer journey.

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In the last step we match your business goals to the customer experience. We discuss how to optimize the customer experience and reach your business goals at the same time. We determine the actions needed in order to get there. This results in a concrete plan to solve the challenges and reach the goals we set in the first step.

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The Business Hustlers methodology is the basis for our three services; 1 on 1 for solopreneurs, InCompany trainings for teams and open courses for professionals.

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Our service fundamentals

Scaling up your business in a customer-centric and sustainable way


We believe in synergy, we believe that the only path to growth comes from commitment, loyalty and connection. We believe that our customers are not only our livelihood but our friends and fans.



We aim to make Customer Experience Management and all its tools accessible to all entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. In this way, Business Hustlers enables any company, big or small, to scale up by matching customer needs to business goals. Because: empathizing with and focusing on your customer makes the world a happier place.

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