Working with Babs and Business Hustlers means valuable and good discussions and new insights.

René WesteningManaging Partner Infoplaza B.V

Growing Pains

You are a passionate entrepreneur, an expert in your field and your business is your life. Your business is growing fast, maybe too fast… New customers, important projects, more members in the team, so much is happening you feel like you are losing control. You need to make choices that team and customer will understand. You want to scale up without losing your business’ unique culture and identity. You have ambitious goals but no idea if they are attainable. You would love more structure in your commercial activities so you can focus on the good stuff. And last but not least you do not want to do it alone.

Business Hustlers offers you a solution; the CX for Real People InCompany Training help you and your team to handle your growing pains as well as turn them into an actionable plan helping you to scale up and manage change without losing sight of who you are and what you stand for.


  • In this training your team will cooperate to improve the customer’s experience.
  • You will learn who your customer is and how he or she experiences your service or communication.
  • You will learn how to work with buyer persona’s, how to map a customer journey, brand values etc.
  • This program will help you and your team to work more efficiently how to use your resources more efficiently Learning and working in a team will help your team to be a team, to cooperate, cocreate and empathize with customers and colleagues.



The first day is all about you, your brand, your product and your goals. We will work on getting an overview of your brand, your products, your goals and your challenges. We will set a clear goal for this program.

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Day 2: The ideal Customer

On day two we will investigate your customers. We will create buyer persona’s and DMU’s in order to empathize with the customer. We will determine their pains and gains and formulate our answer/ promise to them

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On the 3rd day we will create the customer’s journey, define the ultimate customer experience and find gaps and matches with your business needs.

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Day 4: PLAN

The final session will be a brainstorm about long and short term improvements in the customer’s experience. We will create a plan how to achieve the goals and define stakeholders.

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Note: This InCompany training will be kicked off by a free intake and ending with a short presentation to the rest of the company.

CX for Real People summarized

CX Incompany Training
Companies experiencing growing pains, or who want to manage change or innovate without losing revenue or customers.
Time Investment
4 days from 9.30 -17.00
A maximum of 8 people can participate, the team should be agile, all disciplines should be covered.
Completion of the program within 3 months is advised.
€ 5000,- incl. coffee, tea, location and materials. Excl. Lunch

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Mentorship for Entrepreneurs

Open Training

Customer Journey Mapping is a valuable exercise every business should do. At Spark we were very pleased with our experience working with Babs van Gisbergen of Business Hustlers. Working with Babs was like having a trusted business partner by your side to brainstorm, identify key touch points, and implement the right actions in order to delivery a high quality customer journey experience. Babs walked us through the various phases from the first moment a client is introduced to our brand up through the event follow-up communication, providing us with a helpful visual (customer journey map) reinforcing where and when improvements could be made. A big thank you to Babs for her guidance and professionalism!

Hannah HuberFounder Spark