Business Hustlers Methodology

Connecting your business goals to your customer’s needs

The Business Hustlers Methodology is a 3 step program containing tools from the Lean startup and Customer Experience Management. This methodology is used as the basis for any cooperation with Business Hustlers.

Start with the Why

When companies have the need to scale up, find new business models or simply need more sales-revenue, they mostly go out and hire themselves a senior business developer. This business developer needs to be the best employee money can buy; someone with knowledge and expertise in the business, someone with excellent salesskills and someone who can manage change. Not to mention this business developer needs to be someone who knows how to manage stakeholders internally.

Although business development is a fun and challenging task, business developers are bound to run in to one or two challenges that are hard to handle:

  • The product or service is not yet ready to sell, but the customer wants to buy. Resulting in undeliverable promises
  • The product is all ready to market, but no customer has expressed the need or want for it.
  • There is a whole variety of products available and the customer does not really know what the offer is.
  • The product is awesome, the customer is all-in, but the team is resisting change.

The business hustlers methodology enables you to scale up and manage changes or innovation. It enables you to find the right match between your business goals and your customer’s needs. It enables you to structure internal processes and align your team to be more efficient and cooperative.

The Methodology

As we all know sales does not always have the best image. Cold acquisition is a no go these days and no one wants to be spammed with messages about stuff they do not need, want or already have.

The lean startup has taught us to determine the value we can add to our customer’s life. The value proposition canvas is a very powerful tool to determine pains and gains of customer segment but the lean startup is still very focused on product (excellence) and less on the real need of the customer.

Customer experience management offers tools to be empathetic to the customer and to match the customer’s needs to business goals. Creating a customer journey, designing the optimal customer experience enables companies to focus. To focus on the right customer, with the right message at the right time via the right channel.

De business hustlers methodology contains a mix of (adjusted) canvasses from these two brilliant models. Going through the 3 steps is a very good way to delegate or ease the tasks of a senior business developer in your team.

The method entails 3 steps and is being used as a basis for all 3 of our services; 1 on1 mentorship, InCompany training and open CX courses.

Business Hustlers - Business Scan

Business Scan

In the first step we scan your business. Creating an overview of your goals, values, challenges, promise, processes and products and mapping them in a clear overview (business hustlers canvas, swot, trends and competition) we set goals for your company as well as our cooperation.

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Business Hustlers - Klant Validatie


In the second step we will step into your customer’s world. Making insightful who they are, what they need and what they want. (dmu, buyer persona, stakeholdermap, empathymap) we map their current and ideal experience with your company in a customer journey and define key points to work on.

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Business Hustlers - Groeiplan


In the last step we match the business goals to the customer experience. We discuss how to optimize the customer experience and reach our business goals at the same time. We determine the actions we could take in order to get there. Resulting in a concrete plan to solve the challenges and reach the goals we set in the first step.

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The method entails 3 steps and is being used as a basis for all 3 of our services.

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